Covid Suraksha Value Pack

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Covid Suraksha Value Pack

The Covid Suraksha Value Pack is a must-have protection kit to keep coronavirus germs at bay. This 4-in-1 pack contains a face shield, face masks, hand sanitizer and gloves. Covid Suraksha Value Pack has everything you need to arm yourself while going back to work, or to keep senior members of the family safe, or even when you step out for daily chores.

Covid Suraksha Value Pack contains the following products:

  1. Face Shield (one piece): Made from 100% virgin quality APET, 100% Anti Fog, Double sided Protective mask
  2. 3-Ply Masks (five pieces): These face masks with 3-layer protection that are soft and comfortable. The outer layer is water-resistant and can block visible dust particles, and prevent moisture that could carry germs. The middle layer prevents invisible virus carrying germs from entering the respiratory system. The fine, soft inner layer helps ease breathing and is also comfortable and non-abrasive against delicate face skin. It also keeps the skin dry, and allows enough circulation to prevent dampness from building up.
    These 3-Ply masks offer 95% protection against virus, 80% protection against Bacteria, 80% protection against dust and 80% protection against pollen.
  3. Sanitizer (one 50ml unit) This handy sanitizer is portable and highly efficient, with 99.9% efficiency rate in killing germs
  4. Hand gloves (2 pairs): Made with durable Nitrile, these highly tensile gloves are strong, and durable, they will fit any hand size and are soft and comfortable to wear.

How to use:

The Covid Suraksha Value Pack is a ready-to-use unit. All the pieces are factory tested and have undergone required quality checks. They can be worn simultaneously or individually, as per your requirement. All the units are handy and portable, they can easily be stored and used as needed.


Covid Suraksha Value Pack is a 4-in1 complete protection kit against coronavirus, containing all the essential safety products required to keep you safe, as mandated by the government and other health authorities

Features & details

  • Face shield is made from 100% virgin plastic, 100% anti-fog with double-sided protective mask
  • Face masks offer protection against Virus - 95%, Bacterial - 80%, Dust -80%, Pollen - 80%
  • Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs
  • Hand Gloves are High tensile strength, Soft and comfortable

Product information

Brand Trends
Ingredient Type NA
Manufacturer Icon Global Venture

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Covid Suraksha Value Pack

Covid Suraksha Value Pack Mfr: Icon Global Venture

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