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JioMart portal, the website, the mobile application and storefront through WhatsApp BOT is operated and managed by Reliance Retail Limited. JioMart storefront on the WhatsApp BOT is hereinafter referred to as “JioMart Shop”. This WhatsApp Ordering Coupon Discount Offer (“WO Coupon Discount” or Offer”) is a promotional offer administered and offered by Reliance Retail Limited on the Eligible Products (defined below) listed for sale on JioMart Shop in WhatsApp. These terms govern the terms and conditions of sale of Eligible Products by the customer (“You” or “User”) on JioMart Shop and availment of WO Coupon Discount.


The User will qualify for the WO discount of 10% off  upto Rs. 70 (Rupees Seventy only) on purchase of Eligible Products on JioMart Shop with minimum cart value of Rs. 500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) and paying via WhatsApp pay. The user will also qualify for a WO coupon discount of 20% maximum upto Rs. 140.00 (Rupees One Hundred and Forty Only) on a purchase of Eligible Products on JioMart Shop with minimum cart value of Rs 500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred Only) within Offer Period (defined below).The User will receive the coupon code “MAR20” via WhatsApp on successful completion of transaction during the Offer Period. The coupon code can be redeemed by You in your next first purchase of Eligible Products during the month of March’ 2023 on JioMart Shop.



Qualification: The Qualification for the Offer shall commence on 1st February, 2023, at (00:00:00 Hrs) and shall continue until 7th February, 2023 at (23:59:59 Hrs.) (“Offer Period”), or such other date and/or time as may be determined by JioMart Shop (“Term of the Offer”) or such other date and/or time as may be determined by JioMart Shop (“Term of the Offer”).

Redemption: The WO Coupon discount can be redeemed during 1st March, 2023 (00:00:00 Hrs) to 31st March, 2023 (23:59:59 Hrs) (“Redemption Period”) or such other date and/or time as may be determined by JioMart Shop (“Term of the Offer”).



  1. This Offer is open to all individual residents of the Republic of India, aged above 18;
  2. Each User should have a valid phone number registered in India and email address;
  3. The Offer is applicable only if the User makes the purchase of the Eligible Products on JioMart Shop within the Offer Period;
  4. User makes the purchase of the Eligible Products for first Qualification order on JioMart Shop with payment through WhatsApp Pay within the Offer period;
  5. The Offer on Qualification order is only applicable for prepaid WhatsApp Pay orders. No other payment modes (including Cash on Delivery) would be accepted;
  6. The User will receive the coupon code via WhatsApp on successful completion of the purchase;
  7. The WO Coupon Discount of 20% of the value of the Eligible Products in the redemption transaction up to a maximum amount of Rs. 140.00 (Rupees One Hundred and Forty only) can be redeemed on the next first purchase of the Eligible Products on JioMart Shop during the Redemption Period;
  8. The minimum transaction value of the Eligible Products is not less than Rs.500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred Only) in both the Qualification and Redemption transactions;
  9. The User will qualify for this Offer only once during the Offer Period;
  10. The User will be able to redeem the coupon code only once during the Redemption Period
  11. The coupon can be redeemed by selecting the payment option as “Pay on JioMart” , applying the coupon code on the cart by following the link on the m-site/app; and
  12. The Offer is only applicable for orders of Eligible Products placed via JioMart Shop. No other ordering mode (including m-site, or App) would be accepted.


Eligible Products

The Offer shall be valid on Grocery in the Qualification order and Grocery and Electronics sold by Reliance on JioMart Shop for the redemption order. The Offer shall not be valid for the excluded selection.


Process to avail the Offer

  1. Register on JioMart (website or mobile application) and have a valid account;
  2. Add the Eligible Products to the cart through WhatsApp on JioMart Shop only;
  3. Proceed to checkout;
  4. On the successful completion of the purchase on JioMart during the Offer Period You will receive the coupon code via WhatsApp;
  5. You can redeem the coupon code on the next first purchase of Eligible Products during the Redemption Period;
  6. Select the payment option as “Pay on JioMart” , apply the coupon code on the cart by following the link on the m-site/app for the Redemption transaction;
  7. On cancellation of the order (partially or fully) or in case of any doorstep rejection, the Offer shall be revoked and the WO Coupon Discount shall be adjusted accordingly.


Other Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only one coupon can be applied on a cart in JioMart at any given time.
  2. All the existing offers, gifts, discounts, cashback etc., that are being offered over and above the Offer can be availed by the User as per the applicable Terms and Conditions for such offer.
  3. Value of Eligible Products in the cart should be above INR 500.00 ( Five Hundred only) after accounting for all other applicable offers, gifts, discounts, etc., to avail WO Coupon Discount.
  4. Pictures of products shown in the communication sent to the User either through WhatsApp or advertised on the JioMart Shop, are representative only and may not bear a resemblance to the actual products. WhatsApp or JioMart Shop shall under no circumstances be responsible towards the same.
  5. Products offered under this Offer are subject to availability on JioMart Shop and accordingly reliance in no circumstances shall be liable for non-availability of any of the Products.
  6. Reliance reserves the right to disqualify any transaction, or extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, modify or change this Offer or any part thereof including eligible criteria and other pertinent terms and conditions at their sole discretion at any time as may be required including in view of business exigencies and/or changes by a regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and/or any reasons beyond their control with or without any prior notice and without assigning any reason thereof and the same shall be binding on the User at all times.
  7. The User using JioMart Shop shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions listed on JioMart Shop. Please read the terms carefully.
  8. The cancellation, return or refund of the products shall be in accordance with the Return and Refund policy listed on JioMart Shop.
  9. The maximum liability of Reliance is limited only to the value of the minimum billing amount of the instant discount Offer.
  10. Reliance shall not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits) expense or damage which is suffered or sustained in connection with this Offer including any loss incurred as a result of any delay and/or failure to perform any obligation to the User that is caused by: i) technical problems of any kind which may limit or prevent any person's participation in this Offer. ii) any loss or damage arising from or in connection with the allocation or enjoyment of discount and cashback; iii) any other events beyond Reliance’s control that may cause the promotion.
  11. Reliance (including employees, directors) shall not be liable or held responsible for any lack or lapse in any communication on account of failure or delay by any of the internet, telecom, SMS, and emails service provider.
  12. Reliance does not guarantee and make any representation about the usefulness, worthiness and/or character of the instant discount/benefit or of the products/services under the Offer.
  13. Users are not bound in any way to participate in the Offer. Any such participation to this Offer is purely voluntary and the same is being made purely on best effort basis.
  14. User agrees that these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and courts at Mumbai, Maharashtra shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide over any controversy arising out of this Offer.