Comprehensive Study Of Organon - An Attempt To Understand The Organon Of, Paperback 549 Pages
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Comprehensive study of organon as its title suggests is an attempt to study organon of medicine with hahnemannian thoughts and spirit of mind. In this book author has tried togather the guidelines of different authors and pioneers in homeopathy in the most relevant manner.It has been compiled by keeping in view the needs of an aspiring student of homeopathy, intended to supply each and every topic of organon required for the new comer. The language of the book is very lucid. Many interesting incidences and case studies of pioneers have been added to make reading pleasurable. The theory of chronic diseases and detailed description on miasm has been incorporated in the main text. An essay with collective views of pioneers on homeopathic posology has also been included. An attempt to simplify the introduction to 6th edition of organon by hahnemann, has been made. Life histories of many stalwarts with their priceless contributions are a part of this book. Special chapters added on history and development of homeopathy in india. Comparative notes have been provided on many topics and chart representation of miasms has also been done. Flowcharts and diagrams are placed for easy comprehension of the subject.
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