The End of India Paperback Khushwant Singh, Penguin Random House India (1 October 2017)
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  • Penguin Random House India (1 October 2017)
  • English
  • 0143029940
  • 9780143029946
I thought the nation was coming to an end,wrote Khushwant Singh, looking back on the violence of Partition that he was witness to over half a century ago. He believed then that he had seen the worst that India could do to herself. But after the violence in Gujarat in 2002, he had reason to feel that the worst, perhaps, is still to come. Analysing the communal violence in Gujarat in 2002, the antiSikh riots of 1984, the burning of Graham Staines and his children, the targeted killings by terrorists in Punjab and Kashmir, Khushwant Singh forces us to confront the absolute corruption of religion that has made us among the most brutal people on earth. He also points out that fundamentalism has less to do with religion than with politics. And communal politics, he reminds us, is only the most visible of the demons we have nurtured and let loose upon ourselves. A brave and passionate book, The End of India is a wakeup call for every citizen concerned about his or her own future, if not the nations.
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ISBN 10 Or 13 9780143029946
Language English
Number Of Pages 176
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Publication Year 2017
Publisher Penguin Random House India
Publishing Month October
Primary Author Name Khushwant Singh
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