The Hidden Hindu Paperback - Akshat Gupta, Penguin eBury Press (28 February 2022)
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  • Publisher-Penguin eBury Press 28 February 2022
  • ISBN-13-978-0143455691
  • Language-English
  • Paperback-256 pages
  • ISBN-10-0143455699
Prithvi a twentyoneyearold is searching for a mysterious middleaged aghori (Shiva devotee) Om Shastri who was traced more than 200 years ago before he was captured and transported to a hightech facility on an isolated Indian island. When the aghori was drugged and hypnotized for interrogation by a team of specialists he claimed to have witnessed all four yugas (the epochs in Hinduism) and even participated in both Ramayana and Mahabharata. Oms revelations of his incredible past that defied the nature of mortality left everyone baffled. The team also discovers that Om had been in search of the other immortals from every yuga. These bizarre secrets could shake up the ancient beliefs of the present and alter the course of the future. So who is Om Shastri Why was he captured Board the boat of Om Shastris secrets Prithvis pursuit and adventures of other enigmatic immortals of Hindu mythology in this exciting and revealing journey. Product description About the Author Akshat Gupta is a writer and lyricist who runs a chain of restaurants.
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Manufacturer Thoughts and Tales
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Included Components Pack of 1 Myths Legends and Sagas Books
Country of Origin India
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Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 Or 13 '978-0143455691
Language English
Number Of Pages 256
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Publication Year 2022
Publisher Penguin Random House India
Publishing Month February
Primary Author Name Akshat Gupta
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Height 4.7 centimeter
Length 20.3 centimeter
Width 25.4 centimeter
Net Weight 160 gram
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