The Lost River - On The Trail of The Sarasvati Hardcover - Michel Danino, Penguin India (12 March 2010)
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  • Product Type - Region Country Book
  • ISBN 13 - 978-0143068648
  • Author - Michel Danino
  • ISBN 10 - 9780143068648
  • Language - English
The Lost River Explores The Geography, History, and Mythology, of The Sarasvati River, Drawing From Various Sources Like Folklore, The Vedas, Archaeology, Local Practices, History, Geology, and Meteorology. The Book Explains That The River, Its Very Existence, and Its Course Have Been Discussed and Speculated Over for Years. The Magnificence of The Sarasvati Has Been Detailed in Scriptures Like The Rig Veda. Historians and Archaeologists Could Not Understand How It Mysteriously Ceased To Exist. Some of The Even Deem The River A Myth.this Book Attempts The Deduce Facts From Fable and Makes A Strong Case for The Existence of The River. It Goes Over The Upheavals That The Indian Subcontinent Went Through Thousands of Years Ago, Explaining The Dry Weather, Erosion, and Tectonic Events That Changed The Terrain, Altered River Courses, and May Have Made The Sarasvati Disappear. The Book Then Chronicles Explorations into The River Started, Which Began Around The Early Nineteenth Century, When It Was Rediscovered By British officials Doing Topographic Explorations.the Book Also Explains The Culture Around That Time, Shedding Light On The indus Valley Civilisation and The Rich and Flourishing Culture of Harappa. The Book Goes On The Show The Results of Explorations into The River?s Origins and Course Using Modern Technology Like Satellite Imagery and isotope analysis. The Author Has Also Used His Proof of The Existence of The River To Bolster His Theory That Aryans Were indigenous To India and Not foreign invaders.the Lost River Was Published in 2010 By Penguin India and is Available in Paperback. Key Features The Book Presents Evidence for The Existence and information About The Course and Demise of The Sarasvati From Various Fields of Contains an Extensive Appendix With Further information and A Vast Number of Footnotes. Product Description about The Author michel Danino Was Born in France and Decided To Live in India At The Age of 21. He Wrote The invasion That Never Was, A Brief Study of The Aryan Problem in The Indian Context. He is A Student of Indian Culture, History, and Civilisation, and Has Worked for The Protection of The Shola forests in The Nilgiris.
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Age Group 13-16 years
Primary Author Name Michel Danino
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ISBN 10 Or 13 978-0143068648
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Publication Year 2010
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