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Pluspoint Multicolor Plastic Ice Cream Candy Sales Cashier Set



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Pluspoint Multicolor Plastic Ice Cream Candy Sales Cashier Set

Let your child start practicing by using this mini grocery shopping appliances, with this set, your kids can play a role as a cashier which is really important to help establish childrens social skill, imagination and loving heart. Get your pre kindergarten kid a supermarket play set for a fun, learning play time and a direct objective towards teaching the usage of everyday tools and supplies. Allows your kids to perform certain tasks, which help to develop basic living skills, improve creativity and critical thinking abilities, etc. This pretend and play set allows children to pretend how to be a cashier in real life. Educate children with ideas of how groceries stores works while having fun, made from high quality durable plastic and tested and approved as per international standards. This toy has has no edges and corners and is perfectly safe for your kid. The toy parts are manufactured with top quality materials and components, which are non easily broken or dented. The colors are used in realistic image, imitating real life to bring the experience. Attractive tones and mocking shades elevate the fun of the game for preschoolers. Real, appealing colors and tones attract the little ones extensively, allowing them to indulge in the toy game of fun, pretend play. Includes various food items including pretend play candies, ice creams, lollipops, popcorn, spoons and bowls along with a pretty display counter with priced racks simulate a complete shopping mart experience,

Features & Details

  • Shop away- this mini market play set enjoys simulating the shopping theme and domestic errand- complete counter table holding grocery items separately below, along with toy ice creams, popcorn, calculating tool and realistic digital price display are arranged above.
  • Distinct, burst of colors- energetic, true to life colors of the items and tools, pretend food and all in between, making supermarket spree come to life perk the kids up vigorously, in a fun, educationally learning toy game.
  • Top quality- built with top quality, molded, fine plastic, the play set is manufactured strong and reliably. High quality non-easily breakable plastic is perfect for all sorts of uses by preschoolers.
  • Learning outcome- besides the fun and enjoyment part, the play set contributes to the learning approach of your kid, and to the cognitive growth of as well, with a direct objective towards teaching the usage of everyday tools and supplies.
  • Makes an excellent gifting option for kids -this luxury supermarket shop promotes narrative thinking and creative expression, helps teach problem solving, and develops motor skills and dexterity. A variety of bright colors can exercise childs sensitivity to the color.

Product Information

General Information

Customer Care Email
Customer Care Phone
1800 890 1222
Country of Origin China
Included Components 1 Pack of Ice Cream Candy Sales Cashier Set

Product Details

Material Plastic
Hazardous Material No
Flammability Flammable
Storage Category Normal Storage

Usage Details

Storage Temperature Limit (in degree Celsius) Normal Warehouse Temperature
Pack of 1
Ideal For Baby Boys & Baby Girls

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