T&C for Gift Voucher (Reliance Retail)
  1. This Gift Voucher is issued by Reliance Retail Limited (Reliance).
  2. This Gift Voucher is redeemable, and it is valid only for a period of 12 months from the date of receipt.
  3. Gift Voucher can be redeemed at “JioMart online platform” (https://www.jiomart.com/)  in India. This Gift Voucher can be used products sold by RRL.
  4. Gift Voucher can’t be exchanged for cash. This Gift Voucher can be redeemed only once.
  5. This Gift Voucher is not valid on purchase of Gold/Silver Coins and fine Jewellery.
  6. This Gift Voucher cannot be redeemed in parts and needs to be redeemed for full value.
  7. A Gift Voucher is redeemable for a single order only. Also, multiple Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed in a single order.
  8. No extension of the Validity period nor refund of the value of Gift Voucher in case of failure to use the Gift Voucher on or before the validity period.
  9. Reliance shall not be responsible for loss or misuse of Gift Voucher and no duplicate or compensation in lieu of the Gift Voucher shall be given by Reliance.
  10. Reliance overall liability will not exceed the value of the Gift Voucher.
  11. Bearer of the Gift Voucher shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.
  12. Bearer of the code of Gift Voucher is deemed to be the beneficiary of this Gift Voucher. Any redemption by the bearer of Gift Voucher shall be considered as a valid discharge of liabilities by Reliance.
  13. Reliance shall not be liable under any circumstances towards any loss or damage or expenses or cost or any third-party liability, whether directly or indirectly arising out of or in relation to use of Gift Voucher and redemption thereunder by the bearer.
  14. Reliance reserves its right to modify/amend the terms and conditions of the Gift Voucher at any time without prior notice and such modifications shall be binding on the user/bearer of the Gift Voucher.
  15. Any dispute with regard to Product liability, guarantee, warranty and quality of the Products to be purchased under redemption of the Gift Voucher shall be addressed to the respective Manufacturer/ Brand Owner and Reliance shall not be held responsible/liable for the same. The guarantee and warranty of the Products shall be transferred, as received from the respective Manufacturer/Distributor.
  16. In case of any issue faced by the Gift Voucher bearer, the Gift Voucher bearer can reach out to Customer Support at Toll free number: 1800 890 1222 or cs@jiomart.com.
  17. For any Reliance Retail GV queries / issues related to receiving of the voucher, please reach out to customer care via gvhelpdesk.com or customer care toll free number 18001033314
  18. The Gift Voucher is binding for all applicable laws of India.
  19. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai only.