Terms and Conditions (T&C)

Program: Reliance Retail Limited (“Reliance”) offers this program, starting 10th of July, 2024 at (00:00:00 Hours) and shall continue until 14th of July, 2024 at (23:59:59 Hours) (“Umbrella@129 Program” or “Program”), and valid till stocks last or decided by Reliance (“Term of the Offer”), for purchase of goods on the website and the mobile application operated by Reliance or its affiliates (“JioMart Platform”).

1. Eligibility: The Program is available to individuals who:

    ( i ) Are ‘residents’ of India as defined under the Income Tax Act, 1961;
    ( ii ) Have registered account on JioMart Platform;
    ( iii ) Purchase goods on the JioMart Platform (“Eligible Products”) of value equal to or more than Rs. 499.00 (Rupees Four Hundred and Ninety-Nine only) (“Qualifying Value”) at select pincodes; and
    ( iv ) Meet such eligibility conditions as may be stipulated by Reliance from time to time.

Individuals who cumulatively satisfy the aforementioned criteria shall individually be known as “Beneficiary” and collectively as “Beneficiaries”.

2. The Terms and Conditions of this Program (hereinafter “T&C”) have to be read with the Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale contained hereinafter. Reliance shall have the sole right to determine applicability of Eligible Products for the purposes of the Program from time to time.

3. Eligible Products: The Beneficiary shall be entitled to avail the benefits of the Program, in terms of Clause 7 below, on the ‘Groceries’ sold by Reliance on JioMart, except the Excluded Products (as defined below) (“Eligible Products”). The Eligible Products do not include the following categories of products, as identified by Reliance, Mom & Baby Care’ products, ‘Premium’ Fruits, ‘Oil cans of 15L and above, ‘Ghee of 15L and above’ and any products sold by the third-party seller(s) on JioMart Platform (“Excluded Products”). Reliance shall have the sole right to determine applicability of Eligible Products for the purposes of the Program from time to time.

4. JioMart Umbrella@129 Program: The following T&C apply to the Umbrella@129 Program:

    a) Offer: Upon purchase of Eligible Products of Qualifying Value (“Qualifying Invoice”), the Beneficiary shall be given an option to purchase the Umbrella (“Offer Umbrella”) of quantity 1 (one) only at a price of 129.00 only (Rupees One Hundred and Twenty Nine only) (“Umbrella Cost”).

    b) The Beneficiary shall not be allowed to purchase the Offer Umbrella under the Program either more than or less than the quantity of 1 (one) per Qualifying Invoice, irrespective of total value of the Eligible Products. This Program is valid until the stocks last or until the Term of the Offer.

    c) The Beneficiary shall not be allowed to club the Offer with subsequent purchases through the JioMart Platform.

    d) The value considered for the Qualifying Invoice shall be exclusive of the Umbrella Cost. For removal of doubts, it is hereby clarified that the value of Rs.129.00 towards the Offer Umbrella should be paid in addition to the total value of the Qualifying Invoice.

   e) Reliance has the right to deny the benefit of the Offer to the prospective Beneficiary in case of part or full rejection or return of the delivery at the doorstep of the prospective Beneficiary, wherein such rejection or return results in the value of Qualifying Invoice becoming less than the Qualifying Value.

   f) The benefits under Umbrella@129 Program:

       (i) may only be availed by the Beneficiary on per invoice basis of Minimum Order Value, irrespective of any amount higher than the Minimum Order Value, or number of shipments for the Eligible Products;

      (ii) may only be availed by the Beneficiary at the same time of placing an order for Eligible Products on the JioMart Platform; and

      (iii) if not availed as per sub-clause (ii) above, shall not be eligible to be carried forward to any future date and shall stand terminated.

   g) The Umbrella@129 Program is available for the personal use and benefit of an individual only and not for commercial use or for use by enterprises, including companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

   h) The return and refund for the Eligible Product(s) shall be as per the Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy of JioMart.

5. Acceptance: The Beneficiary hereby acknowledges that he/she has understood and unconditionally accepts the T&C along with the Terms and Conditions of JioMart.

6. Privacy:All information collected in the course of applying for, and participating in, the Umbrella@129 Program shall be in accordance with the JioMart Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”). The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the T&C and acceptance of the latter shall be construed as explicit consent and acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

7. Amendments or Cancellation:Reliance reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this Umbrella@129 Program/T&C and/or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria and other pertinent terms and conditions at their sole discretion (without giving any notice to and without the need to seek the approval of the Beneficiary) at any time during its validity as may be required including in view of business exigencies and/or changes by a regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and/or any reasons beyond their control.

8. Applicability: Subject to the Clause 4 above, all clauses of the Terms and Conditions of JioMart and the other policies embedded within it shall apply to the purchases made on JioMart, including but not limited to indemnity, liability, governing law and dispute resolution, return and refund, privacy, etc.