1 Year - resQ Care Plan (RCP) Extended Warranty for Small Appliances
Warranty : 1 Year
Sold By Reliance Retail
Key Features
  • Repair of any breakdown/ defects and malfunction of the small appliances as covered in the manufacturers’ warranty
  • 12- months contract starting immediately on expiry of manufacturers’ warranty
  • Get multiple repairs for any type of breakdown, defect or malfunctions up to the appliance invoice value (maximum repair benefit)
  • Free doorstep services for repair, so that you don’t have to step out and take multiple rounds of the service centre
  • All costs included in the plan – be it repair, labour charges, transportation or taxes, all costs are included in the plan up to the repair benefit
  • Repair or replacement: if your appliance cannot be repaired, then we will provide you with a like to like replacement basis the balance repair benefit

We use a lot of small appliances in our daily life, and it becomes a part of our daily routine. Wake up and drink your coffee from the coffee maker, dry your hair with the hair dryer before rushing to the office, grab a fresh fruit juice after the morning work out – small things that make up your daily habit. When these appliances break down, it disrupts your daily routine.

Now if this has happened when the manufacturers’ warranty is active, you may be able to repair it without spending any money. But in case the appliance breaks down post the manufacturers’ warranty, it would require you to waste money on repair services and cause an unnecessary hassle running around service centres.

This is where the resQ Care Protection Plan comes in. With the resQ Extended Warranty Plan on small appliances, you can get your appliance repaired from the comfort of your home or office and without paying for any repair for defects or malfunctions.

The amazing benefits of having a resQ Extended Warranty for smart wearables are:

  • Extension of manufacturers’ warranty: All defects/ breakdowns/ malfunctions covered by the manufacturers’ warranty can be repaired under the resQ Extended Warranty plan.
  • Repair benefits up to invoice value: Get multiple repairs for your appliance up to it’s invoice value, without any depreciation.
  • Free doorstep services for repair: Depending upon the diagnosis of the appliance for repair, it may be repaired at home or picked up, repaired, and delivered back to you from one of the 27000+ pin codes that we service across the country.
  • All costs included: All costs associated with the repair of your appliance are included in the plan including repair costs, part costs, labour costs, transportation costs and taxes.
  • Repair or replacement: If your appliance cannot be repaired, then we will offer you a like to like replacement basis the balance repair benefit under the plan.
  • One call/ 24/7 online registration: Register your repair request hassle free by visiting our 24x7 online chatbot Mia or calling our call centre.
  • How to register your repair request in case the worst happens:

    It’s a simple 1 step process for you to get your appliance repaired with us.

    Simply log onto our 24/7 online chatbot Mia at https://bit.ly/miaresq or call our call centre at 1800 102 8647 between Monday to Sunday (9:00 am to 6:00pm, except on public holidays), answer the details requested for and submit the images and documents (if required). That’s it! We will take it from there.

    Basis the diagnosis of your repair request, we may offer at-home services or pick up your appliance, repair it from our authorized service centre and deliver it back to you! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your chair for getting it repaired.

    We will proactively notify you of the repair updates or you can check your repair status any time by visiting our chatbot Mia.

    In The Box & Warranty
    Warranty 1 Year
    Manufacturing & Packing Information
    Country of origin India
    Name and address of Packer NA
    Name and address of Manufacturer NA
    Name and address of Importer NA
    Name of Seller Reliance Retail Ltd.
    Month and Year of Commodity First Manufactured/Imported/Packed NA
    Commodity name Extended Warranty Service
    Item Width 0.1 cm
    Item Height 0.1 cm
    Item Length 0.1 cm
    Net Quantity 1N
    Net Weight 1 gram
    Name and address of Marketed By NA
    Cancellation & Returns

    Return and Refund - Please refer to the policyhere.

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