resQ Assured Buyback Plan for smartphones
Warranty : 1 Year
Sold By Reliance Retail
Key Features
  • Get upto 70% guaranteed resale price for your smartphone*
  • Prefixed buyback price for your smartphone based on its age*
  • 12- months service contract, starting immediately on purchase of plan
  • Free doorstep services
    *T&C apply

resQ Assured Buyback Plan for 12 months for smartphones

Why buy 12 months Assured Buyback Plan for your smartphones

  • Pre-fixed pricing:
  • Get guaranteed resale price for your smartphone depending upon its age

  • Certainty against market crash:
  • Assured buyback pricing for your smartphone even if the market price drops drastically

  • Tech driven solution:
  • With our tech-enabled system, you get a seamless, hassle-free and transparent process to resell your smartphone.

  • Resell from the comfort of your home:
  • No need to get out of the comfort of your home as you can register and complete the process through our app and re-sell your smartphone right from your doorstep

  • FAQ's

  • How is the Assured Buyback price of the smartphone calculated?
  • Depending upon the age, the brand of smartphone and fulfilment of the buyback conditions as defined in the terms and conditions, you can get the pre-defined percentage of the smartphone value.

  • My smartphone screen is damaged or has been malfunctioning. Can I avail the Assured Buyback for this smartphone?
  • In this case your smartphone will not be eligible for the Assured Buyback price defined as per the age of your smartphone. Your smartphone must fulfil all the conditions as defined in the plan Terms & Conditions to avail the complete Assured Buyback price.
    Hence, we highly recommend purchasing our Damage Protection plan/ Screen Protection plan along with the Assured Buyback plan to ensure you save money and time on repairs of your damaged smartphone and then avail the assured buyback price for your smartphone.

  • Can I purchase the Assured Buyback plan for my old smartphone?
  • The Assured Buyback plan must be purchased along with the purchase of a new smartphone from Reliance.

  • How to register your repair request to avail the plan benefits?
  • Simply log onto our 24/7 online chatbot Mia at and download the app from the link provided in the chatbot. Follow the instructions as instructed by the app to check for your buyback price as per the eligibility. Once confirmed, we shall schedule to pick up your smartphone and arrange for your assured buyback value.
    General Information
    Terms & conditions • Under this ABB Plan, you will be entitled for an Assured Buyback benefit on your registered mobile Device(s) eligible within a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase invoice of the said Device. • This ABB Plan will be applicable on purchase of selected Mobile Make and Models for the customers of resQ. We may include or exclude any Device(s) under this ABB Plan from time to time at its sole discretion. • Assured Buyback Benefit will be subject to the Device meeting the mentioned conditions at the time of return (Eligibility). In case the Device does not meet the said conditions, it will NOT be eligible for the Assured Buyback Benefit. In such a case, the Buyback Benefit will be subject to re-evaluation (according to the quality assessment / correction charges or deduction at our discretion) and you may opt-in for the revised Buyback Benefit being offered by us. • You must notify us in writing of any case of dead-on arrival or manufacturer recall or manufacturer’s warranty replacement along with the details of the replacement device given by the Manufacturer within 30 (thirty) days as of your receipt of the replacement device from the Manufacturer • In case the Device is changed or replaced due to Manufacturer’s warranty or any other Plan(s), the Assured Buyback Plan will be applicable to the new device only for the remainder of the tenure from the Original Device. • This ABB Plan will be available within the city/ municipal limits of select Serviceable Cities from where this ABB Plan is purchased. • ELIGIBILITY: - We will do the following quality assessment and valuation of your Mobile Device on below listed parameters (details conditions can be referred to in the plan Terms & Conditions). a) The internal components should be in perfect working conditions. b) External Conditions should be flawless. c) No Unauthorized Modifications should have been done to the Mobile Device. d) All Original Accessories are to be handover along with Mobile Device original Box pack and Invoice. • Upon purchase of the Plan, the Plan’s Terms & Conditions will be separately shared with you within 72 hours of purchase or can be downloaded from our 24/7 online chatbot Mia at
    Validity 1 Year
    Additional Benefits up to 70% guaranteed resale price for your smartphone* Prefixed buyback price for your smartphone based on its age* 12- months service contract, starting immediately on purchase of plan *T&C apply
    In The Box & Warranty
    Warranty 1 Year
    Manufacturing & Packing Information
    Country of origin India
    Name and address of Packer NA
    Name and address of Manufacturer NA
    Name and address of Importer NA
    Name of Seller Reliance Retail Ltd.
    Month and Year of Commodity First Manufactured/Imported/Packed NA
    Commodity name Extended Warranty Service
    Net Quantity 1N
    Name and address of Marketed By NA
    Cancellation & Returns

    Return and Refund - Please refer to the policyhere.

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