Crodor IFFCO Sea Secret 200 ml, Liquid Seaweed Extract,Organic Bio-Stimulant
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Features & Details
  • QUALITY- 100% Natural & Organic Plant Growth Promoter & Bio-Stimulant, with over 60 naturally occurring macro and micronutrients
  • ENHANCES NUTRIENTS- Boosts Yield & Enhances Plant Quality
  • HOW IT HELPS- Enhances Stress Tolerance from heat, cold, wind, drought and disease
  • HOW IT WORKS- Promotes root growth, tillering and activates microbial population for improved soil health
  • CATEGORY- Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Plants, flowers, Kitchen Garden, Trees, Lawns etc.
Sea Secret - An organic seaweed extract-based biostimulant for your home garden.The application of this unique bio formulation leads to Happy Plants.It naturally provides essential plant nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, polysaccharides, plant hormones auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins betaine, mannitol, etc.When you apply Sea Secret it seaweed extract-based biostimulants, increases root-shoots vigor results in lush foliage growth which leads to more flowering and fruiting.Check Out our other variant Sea Secret 500 gm as wellProduct Benefits - Better root - shoot growth, leaf vigor, flowering, fruiting, and quality of the harvest Plants can withstand stress better due to heat, the cold, wind, and drought conditions Creates a friendly atmosphere for soil flora and fauna, microbes, earthworms Suitable for IndoorOutdoor Plants, Bed and Balcony plants, Trees, Garden lawns, Turfs, etc.How to Use Take 2.5 ml of liquid and dissolve in 1 Litre of water Mix well before spraying on foliage or applying directly to the plant bed or potted plants Dip the Vegetable or Flower seedlings in the solution before planting. For best result, repeat after every 2-3 weeks.Precaution Keep in a cool and dry place Out of the reach of Children.CompositionConcentration Guarantee of 28 w v Extract of Red Brown Algae Extract, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid
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General Information
Brand Crodor
Manufacturer Unique Plastic Industries
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Unique Plastic Industries
Near CBI, Saproon, Solan

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Sold By Unique Plastic Industries
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JioMart Customer Care Phone 1800 890 1222
Included Components SeaSecret200mL_25polygrwbags
Country of Origin India
Product Details
Product Type Fertilizer & Soil
Hazardous Material No
Hazardous Material - Type 2 Liquid
Storage Temperature Limit (in Degree Celsius) Normal Warehouse Temperature
Transportation General transport
Pack Of 1
Usage Details
Includes Gloves No
Includes Watering Can No
Pot Included No
Tank Material No
Used For Home & Professional
Washable No
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