Pidilite Multipurpose Spray Paintable Sealant 420 g
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Features & Details
  • Multipurpose Use - The WD-40 is perfect for home improvement and automotive purposes and is an all in 1 spray as it acts as a Rust Remover, Lubricant, Stain Remover, Degreaser, Cleaning and Protecting Agent. It can be used on multiple surfaces like metal, wood, chrome, aluminium, glass and more. The uses are limitless for the WD-40.
  • Loosen Rust Parts - Jammed bolts. Stuck drawers. Stiff Door Latches. Hard moving slider windows and stiff bag zippers. The WD-40 is one solution for all your common problems at home. The multi-purpose spray can be used to lubricate any moving parts that is jammed or hard to. The WD-40 is also a great lubricating agent for chains, bearings, and various other mechanical joints.
  • Stops Squeaks - Why live with squeaky noises at home. The WD40 drives out creaky door noise, squeaky home gates and fan noise amongst others. It provides solutions to stuck automotive parts for both car and bikes and helps in cleaning and removing rust from multiple surfaces.
  • Cleans and Protects - It can be used as a household cleaning product on multiple surfaces. Helps clean stains like gas cylinder marks on floor, cleans and provides shine to dirty or rustic showpieces and other surfaces at home. It also helps remove stiff dirt and tar from bikes and cars and also in cleaning limescale and hard water residues on bathroom surfaces, among other use cases.
  • Frees Sticky Mechanism - WD40 also helps in removing sticky residues from multiple surfaces. Helps in getting rid of oily and greasy surfaces present on kitchen and automotive surfaces, cleaning sticker and glue residue on walls, floor, carpets, and vehicles. Aviod flamable areas.
The Pidilite WD-40 Multipurpose spray can be used for multiple maintenance requirements. It is your go-to product for removing rust, stains, carbon deposits, limescale residues, and cleaning and lubricating multiple surfaces among common indoor and outdoor household problems. This all-purpose spray is a great product for high-class maintenance of surfaces at home, car, bike, and for other commercial purposes. WD40 is also great when it comes to removing grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces. Gets under dirt, marks, and grease, making it easy to wipe them away. Lubricates all moving parts. Protects metal surfaces with corrosion-resistant ingredients and loosens stuck or rusted parts. It quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits. The possibilities are endless with WD-40 with over 2000+ use cases.
Product Information
General Information
Brand Pidilite
Manufacturer Pidilite Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer Address

Pidilite Industries Limited
Po Box No.-17411, Mumbai-400059

Manufacturer Email
Manufacturer Website
Sold By Kida retail private limited
JioMart Customer Care Email
JioMart Customer Care Phone 1800 890 1222
Included Components Pack of 1 420 g Spray Paintable Sealant
Country of Origin India
Product Details
Color Multicolor
Hazardous Material No
Flammability Not Flammable
Storage Category Normal Storage
Usage Details
Storage Temperature Limit (in Degree Celsius) Normal Warehouse Temperature
Transportation General transport
Net Quantity 1 pack
Item Dimensions
Height 38.1 centimeter
Length 8.8 centimeter
Width 13.4 centimeter
Net Weight 86.18 gram
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